Friday, May 28, 2010

running camp lowdown

I emailed ruthie (assistant coach, coming for our running camp) with Lydia's question about what the camp sessions would be like. Here is her reply: (and here is her email addy:

as far as the day goes.... it would look similar to this:

  • meet up visit for a bit until everyone arrives.... warm up (nice easy jog for as long as Coach says)
  • Stretch
  • Workout (each day would be a bit different... speed work, distance, form drills, aerobics, fartleks, and conditioning such as ab-work, leg work and upper body work etc)
  • cool down
  • stretching
  • Discussion time where we cover a variety of topics (nutrition, shoes, goal setting, training plans etc)

with that said.. . First day he will prob be analyzing their form and begin to formulate what each person needs to do to correct that. He will note their weaknesses and work on showing them how to get stronger in those areas. I assume he will want a bit of flexibility with our schedule to not have things set in stone so he can get each person what they needs. You will see how gifted he is at what he does and be amazed to watch him work :)

I am not sure if this helps any... and if they are wanting a more specific information (like if they wonder if he will cover "this or that") please just have them email me and we can go from there.

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